The average cost is $313 per square foot for a single-story office building, $562 for a mid-rise and $660 for a high-rise in the U.S. Multiple factors cause the price to increase for. In Q4 2020, industrial saw $11.9 billion in sales volume at an average price per square foot of $100 per square foot, which was an 18.2% increase year-over-year. ... city and zip code level;. Residential Construction Cost Per Square Foot With the expertise of the Home Advisor, we're going to get a better understanding of what percentage the average construction costs take up within the price ranges for residential construction costs per square foot by state/zip code. Jul 13, 2018 · And prices per square foot in this Atlanta zip code are higher than average. According to Zillow, in 30327, you’ll pay $309 per square foot compared to a statewide average of $221. Most Expensive Zip Code in Hawaii: 96821.

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